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Excimer laser

Excimer laser of Humanitas Eye Center embeds different and highly-advanced technologies: cutting-edge and equipped with ad-hoc software that has been purposely developed in cooperation with the local Eye Center team, it allows to correct vision defects (near-sightedness, astigmatis, long-sightedness, far-sightedness) in an increasingly less invasive manner, thus preserving the cornea as much as possible and saving its tissue with a surgical procedure that is only 40 seconds long. 

The inclusion of a sophisticated tracking system (eye tracking) further allows to account for all possible unintentional eye movements along the 6 reference planes during surgery (right, left, high, low, forward, backward as well as circular and angular movements), thus resulting in extremely fast and even more accurate interventions. 

The laser system also features a sophisticated OCT (optical coherence tomography) which allows to obtain eye images with an extremely high resolution so that the exact corneal thickness and the course of surgery can be controlled continuously and in real time. Therefore, the use of OCT is indispensable in transepithelial treatments: it allows for precise measurement of the thickness (usually inconsistent) of the eye coating tissue (epithelium), thus ensuring faster and less painful post-operative recovery. 

The estreme precision of the new laser at Humanitas Eye Center also allows to perform alternative treatment to corneal transplantation, either through vaporization of the sole diseased corneal tissue or through creation of the right bed for lamellar implant. Moreover, the laser action can be adjusted with two different degrees of intensity: a strong intensity one, to rapidly remove the tissue, and a less intense one to obtain a perfectly smooth corneal surface.

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