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Dr. Maurizio Gasparini

Dr. Maurizio Gasparini

Electrophysiology and Electro stimulation
Unit Director
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Dr. Maurizio Gasparini is Electrophysiology Unit Director in Humanitas Research Hospital. He has implanted more than 3000 pacemaker, 1,500 single-chamber and dual-chamber defibrillators, and 950 pacemaker/defibrillator atrio-biventricular.

In the field of electrophysiology he has performed about 4000 electrophysiological studies with endocardial ablation of the nodal reentrant tachycardia and atrio-ventricular ablation of atrial flutter and atrial tachycardias and made 500 transcatheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, the left atrium with the method of 'encircling' the pulmonary veins with the electrophysiological approach of the point catheter, PVAC catheter circular, with anatomical and electrophysiological approach combined with robot navigation Stereotaxis/CARTO3.

In particular, modern systems of electrophysiological mapping are used in combination with conventional systems, with application in the daily work of Laboratory.

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